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IBM and Compatible Mainframe Specifications

This specifications library provides the basic economic, technical, and physical characteristics of IBM, Hitachi, Amdahl, and many Comparex mainframes.  This information includes memory capacity, channel capacity, processing power in MIPS and MSUs as well as the basic information needed to specify the required physical plant requirements.

The computer performance estimates we provide for IBM processors are based on IBM's own benchmark tests and our calculation.  Ratings of IBM compatible processors are based on material provided from a number of sources, including the manufacturers.

The technical specifications are drawn from our collection of technical documents published by manufacturers.

The sale prices are drawn from our own surveys of the market at the time each system was first delivered; exceptions to this are noted on the page where they appear.

Maintenance prices are also those quoted at the time a system was first delivered; for updated maintenance costs, please contact the machine's manufacturer.

To obtain details on any of the mainframe families in the following list, just click on the appropriate linked text.

To return to this page from a linked page that provides detailed information, click the PUBLIC LIBRARY button on the navigation bar at the top of the window.

IBM System z EC12 2827 mainframes
IBM System z z114 2818 mainframes
IBM System z z196 2817 mainframes
IBM System z z10 BC 2098 mainframes
IBM System z z10 EC 2097 mainframes
IBM Series z z9 BC Danu 2096 mainframes
IBM Series z z9 EC Danu 2094 mainframes
IBM zSeries 2086 mainframes
IBM zSeries 2084 mainframes
IBM zSeries 2066 mainframes
IBM zSeries 2066 mainframes for Linux
IBM zSeries 2064 mainframes
IBM 9672 G1 mainframes
IBM 9672 G2 mainframes
IBM 9672 G3 mainframes
IBM 9672 G4 mainframes
IBM 9672 G5 mainframes
IBM 9672 G6 mainframes
IBM 9221 mainframes
IBM 9121 mainframes
IBM 9021 mainframes
IBM Multiprise 2003 mainframes
IBM Multiprise 3000 mainframes
Hitachi GX8000 mainframes
Hitachi Skyline mainframes
Hitachi Trinium mainframes
Hitachi Pilot mainframes
Hitachi Pilot P8 mainframes
Hitachi Pilot P9 / Comparex C2000 mainframes
Amdahl M Series mainframes
Amdahl Millennium 400 And 500 Mainframes
Amdahl Millennium 700 Mainframes
Amdahl Millennium 800 Mainframes
Amdahl Millennium 2000A Mainframes
Amdahl Millennium 2000C And 2000E Mainframes
Amdahl OmniFlex 1000 Mainframes
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